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School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB) is a unique pre-school and early years music education program, for children from birth to 7 years-old, which is the creation (and alias!) of its multitalented founder and lead performer/teacher, Elizabeth A. Haydn-Jones.  

 Comprised of live classes, original music, parties, staged events, books, and various recorded multimedia, the SRBB program of music education teaches children (and many adults) about musicianship, music theory, and musicology through the power of play, humour, and GOOD music.  

Having originated in North West London, UK in January 2009, SRBB now has a vast London-based following with a rapidly growing global audience. 

rest & play

by Elizabeth A. Haydn-Jones for School of Rock-a-bye Babies © 2017

For the recording of her second studio album for School of Rock-a-bye Babies, ‘Rest & Play’, Elizabeth has created a thrillingly complete album of beautiful musical tunes, that the whole family will want to play on repeat.  While ’Rest & Play’ is technically a children’s album, the songs are so fully developed and the production is so rich that it defies the genre.

’Rest & Play’ was financed by Elizabeth's successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.  Kickstarter designated her #MoreSRBB campaign a ‘Project We Love’ and it was a hit with her fan base, successfully raising £11,300 in September/October 2016.   Mobilising her thousands of fans to financially contribute to the project has enabled Elizabeth to produce this latest batch of songs to the standard it deserves.

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volume 1

by Elizabeth A. Haydn-Jones for School of Rock-a-bye Babies ©2010

Recorded in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with Robert Sledge (Ben Folds Five) and Eric Peterson (Swang BrothersSarah Shook and the Disarmers) Volume 1 is a magical mystery learning tour of rhythm, melody and harmony for the whole family.

Elizabeth and her motley crew of voiced characters forming the SRBB band, take the listener on a humorous multi-genre musical journey.

Volume 1 is all about music through music!

Listen, learn and let loose; it's an all-ages music party!

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