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School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB) is a unique pre-school and early years music education program, for children from birth to 7 years-old, which is the creation (and alias!) of its multitalented founder and lead performer/teacher, Elizabeth A. Haydn-Jones.  

 Comprised of live classes, original music, parties, staged events, books, and various recorded multimedia, the SRBB program of music education teaches children (and many adults) about musicianship, music theory, and musicology through the power of play, humour, and GOOD music.  

Having originated in North West London, UK in January 2009, SRBB now has a vast London-based following with a rapidly growing global audience. 


Rest & Play Media (RPM), formerly School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB), is the alias of its creator, Elizabeth A. Haydn-Jones.


Elizabeth is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist, actor, writer, dancer, singer/songwriter and producer.  She writes, arranges, performs, and produces all the original, creative material that comprises the RPM/SRBB experience.  

Elizabeth is passionate about creativity in education and believes that adults must empower children in their overall intellectual, emotional, and social development by encouraging and facilitating joyful and experiential learning.  Elizabeth began developing and refining her interactive, clever, and beautiful music for families after becoming a mother.

Elizabeth has played some of the world's best session musicians based in the UK, USA, and Canada.  She is currently recording the next albums from her extensive catalogue of original compositions at the legendary Church Studios in London, UK thanks to the generous support of award-winning producer/songwriter, Paul Epworth. She is also developing an online TV series and live, all-ages touring show of the RPM/SRBB experience, called Meet the Maestro.    

Elizabeth studied performance violin and music theory as a member The Academy for Gifted Youth at Mount Royal University and holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from McGill University and University College London.

In addition to her work for RPM/SRBB, Elizabeth is writing a full-length musical with her writing partner, Lisa McGarry, and string and A Capella song cycle tracing her Welsh/American roots to the Canadian Prairies.

Elizabeth has recently relocated to San Francisco, USA from London, UK with her co-pilot/husband and their two sublime, young boys.  She cites the three of them as her muses! 


Verónica Chacón

Verónica Chacón

Verónica is the multi-talented Director of Sounds & Shapes Ltd. and has been one of Elizabeth's key teaching collaborators since SRBB's inception.  She can be heard performing backing vocals and various sound effects on Rest & Play.

Verónica is a classically trained mezzo soprano opera singer and jazz chanteuse, as well as the renowned conductor of the Alexander Chorus in Muswell Hill, north London.

In between her singing and performance engagements, Verónica can be found crafting one of her many stunning works of visual art and design.

Verónica is the key illustrator for the SRBB book series which is currently in development and the designer of the album artwork for Rest & Play.


Charlie Limm

Charlie Limm

Charlie is an actor, singer, and multi-insrumentalist who has been an invaluable asset to SRBB as one of Elizabeth's teaching collaborators for several years, and recently as backing vocals on Rest & Play.

Charlie can be found performing throughout the UK with her acting work and her band, Patchwork Skies, which she shares with former, fabulous SRBB teacher, Emma Ewins (née Minihan).




Rest & Play Media (RPM), formerly School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB), is a unique music education program that teaches families about musicianship, music theory, and musicology through the power of play, humor, inquisition, exploration, and GOOD MUSIC.  The RPM/SRBB experience is comprised of original content that is delivered both live and online, comprised of classes, parties, staged events, and various recorded media.

Being a part of School of Rock-a-bye Babies is a TRANSFORMATIVE experience which enables parents to truly share in THE JOY OF MAKING & experiencing MUSIC WITH their CHILDREN.

enjoying MUSIC AS A FAMILY encourages children to COMMUNICATE, COOPERATE AND LISTEN WITH INCREASED CONFIDENCE, intelligence, and happiness.

And...let’s face it, everyone loves a good song and dance!

Elizabeth started SRBB in London, United Kingdom, in early 2009 following the birth of her first son.  Wanting to expose her baby boy to all genres and styles of music - in all its complexity and not just mediocre and often excruciatingly twee kids' stuff - Elizabeth trawled the musical offerings for children around London and on 'ye olde interwebs.  

Elizabeth discovered a lot of music and experienced various groups but, very often and very frustratingly, most experiences left her wanting a lot more...often the classes were cute, but lacked substance; the events were brilliantly performed, but devoid of joy; the music original, but rarely anything she'd want to hear again.  There was huge gap in the market, so Elizabeth took it upon herself to fill it!  

Having worked for several years as a professional musician and actor, Elizabeth decided to combine her deep passion for music with her love of live performance and her somewhat nerdy obsession with child development to create a superior children's music program that children around the world deserve.  And, voilà!  School of Rock-a-bye Babies was born!