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School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB) is a unique pre-school and early years music education program, for children from birth to 7 years-old, which is the creation (and alias!) of its multitalented founder and lead performer/teacher, Elizabeth A. Haydn-Jones.  

 Comprised of live classes, original music, parties, staged events, books, and various recorded multimedia, the SRBB program of music education teaches children (and many adults) about musicianship, music theory, and musicology through the power of play, humour, and GOOD music.  

Having originated in North West London, UK in January 2009, SRBB now has a vast London-based following with a rapidly growing global audience. 

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The NEW #MoreSRBB ALBUM, 'Rest & Play', is coming...

A quick update on the status of #MoreSRBB:

The next album, Rest & Play, is totally done (and, lacking any/all humility, totally fabulous!) but, totally delayed...

Printing and online distribution logistics have been very tricky and time consuming, but I have been assured I will have the final record in hard copy and online by early next week! CDs and photographs will be posted as soon as I have passed this last hurdle... crosses all fingers, toes, and limbs

Online streaming is next...!

Despite the challenges since January - the hiccups, steep learning curves, and moments of total bewilderment as to what to do next - I have absolutely loved this process! That being said, I am definitely ready to have a record label/publisher and/or business manager to manage the logistics for the next stages...anyone out there want to join forces?!

Eagerly anticipating...




    If the School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB) Animal Band Asked you to Back My Kickstarter Project...

    My #MoreSRBB Kickstarter Campaign is Nearly to £4K!!!

    This is what the School of Rock-a-bye Babies (SRBB) Animal Band would say if you interviewed them about crowdfunding.  Some insight into the many character voices in my world...

    SRBB Kickstarter is coming: 22 September 2016

    Friends, followers, and people I haven't even met yet,

    The time has come, our Kickstarter is finally launching this month! (Can I have a whoop whoop?!)

    Here is a quick video about WHO, WHAT, WHEN.  There will be many more (some longer and more detailed) videos coming for the launch date:

    Watch this space!

    Rock on,

    Elizabeth & Team SRBB